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Creating an asset monitoring center for small and medium manufacturing companies

The term manufacturing company normally brings to mind images of large industrial plants with thousands of workers. However, small family-owned businesses make up the largest proportion of the sector.  According to AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology, 97% of the manufacturing firms in the United States have less than 500 employees, and 73% have


Challenges in the journey of digital manufacturing

Digital manufacturing is forecasted to bring out massive, disruptive changes to the industrial world. Digital manufacturing is not about technology alone – it involves a complex braid of technology and business strategies across people, machines, and processes from the different departments within the organization. It is expected that digital manufacturing will result in a paradigm


Software is Eating the Heavy Industries

The industrial world has witnessed three paradigm transformations: mechanization of manufacturing in the 18th century; mass production and assembly lines due to electricity in the 19th century; automation systems due to advances in electronics and computing in the 20th century. Today, we are at the cusp of the 4th paradigm shift. This shift, referred to