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Creating an asset monitoring center for small and medium manufacturing companies

The term manufacturing company normally brings to mind images of large industrial plants with thousands of workers. However, small family-owned businesses make up the largest proportion of the sector.  According to AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology, 97% of the manufacturing firms in the United States have less than 500 employees, and 73% have


Degradation Monitoring of Electrical Motors and Switchgears for ABB

Viking Analytics was one of the winners of the 2020 edition of the ABB Electrification Virtual Startup Challenge, that invited startups to compete in a ten-day challenge to create safer, smarter, and more sustainable solutions in the electrical energy sector. In the joint project that followed the competition, Viking Analytics and ABB explored the possibilities


In the media: Ensuring a solid base for predictive operations and condition monitoring

Digital manufacturing is forecasted to bring out massive changes to the industrial world. Today, regardless of the maturity level of digitization projects in each company, the main motivation is staying competitive, boosting revenues, and enhancing profits, while reducing costs and being agile. There are several ways through which an industry can engage in Industry 4.0,