MultiViz Explorer

The fastest way from data to Root Cause Analysis

MultiViz Explorer by Viking Analytics

Self-service analytics for process manufacturing data

Turn complex data into value and actionable insights

MultiViz has a broad spectrum of features that makes it powerful for analyzing complex production data.

Connect: MultiViz connects to all industrial databases and data can be merged, synchronized, and visualized.

Clean: With built-in templates for data preparation and cleansing, experts can head start their analysis directly.

Contextualize: Combine the events’ summaries, sensor ranking lists, expert annotations and the sensor data plots in order to understand the data and contexts much better and faster.

Capture: Capture core expert and domain knowledge with a health history of the assets and processes.

Discover: Discover what is important in the data, interesting events, and abnormal patterns.

Detect: Identify operational modes, failure modes and other abnormal operational modes. Detect changes with ease.

Diagnose: Understand what happened and why it happened with our unique sensor ranking algorithm.

Predict: Predict asset and process health based on the modes identified, events discovered and other expert annotations.


Fingerprint: Create data-driven signatures for relevant events and search for similar events in the data

Collaborate: Share experts’ insights for joint-analysis and troubleshooting. Collaborate with data-scientists to build machine learning applications with expert knowledge.

Operationalize: Operationalize experts’ insights as real-time applications including smart alarms, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and optimization.

Scale-up: With MultiViz, go from a machine learning based PoC to a scaled-up industrial AI solution in a matter of months.

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