Discover the fastest way from data to root cause analysis

Big data is easy. With the right tools.

• Analyze multidimensional data of hundreds of sensors at a glimpse
• Get a summary of the events in your data
• Keep control with the tag assistant
• Ready to present your work any time

Head start into your analysis

• Manage your assets organization-wide
• Build the ideal work environment for root cause analysis
• Quick start with data templates

Advanced root cause analysis

Our cutting edge algorithms provide your experts with tools for:

• Event search, mode identification,  data annotation
• Fingerprinting
• Event monitoring

Knowledge creation

• Centralize and digitalize knowledge
• Create more value for your company
• Retain core knowledge in the organisation

Self-Service Advanced Analytics for Predictive Operations and Process Manufacturing Data

MultiViz by Viking Analytics is a self-service analytics software for the heavy industrial companies that puts the power of data into the hands of those who understand what it means: the subject matter experts. MultiViz enables experts like condition monitoring, reliability and process experts to rapidly visualize sensor data from assets and processes. It enables the experts to prepare, analyze and process sensor data without being a data scientist.

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The MultiViz Experience

Multiviz accelerates experts so that they can reach the goal of understanding their assets and processes much, much faster.

Turn data into value

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    Turn complex data into value and actionable insights

    MultiViz has a broad spectrum of features that makes it powerful for analyzing complex production data.

    Connect: MultiViz connects to all industrial databases. Sensor tags of interest can be immediately retrieved from all databases. Data can be merged, synchronized, and visualized.

    Clean: With built-in templates for data preparation and cleansing, experts can head start their analysis directly.

    Contextualize: Build a holistic context around the different events discovered. Combine the events’ summaries, sensor ranking lists, expert annotations and the sensor data plots in order to understand the data and contexts much better and faster.

    Capture: Capture core expert and domain knowledge with a health history of the assets and processes.

    Discover: Discover what is important in the data. Discover interesting events and abnormal patterns.

    Detect: Identify operational modes, failure modes and other abnormal operational modes. Detect changes with ease.

    Diagnose: Understand what happened and why it happened with our unique sensor ranking algorithm.

    Predict: Predict asset and process health based on the modes identified, events discovered and other expert annotations.

    Fingerprint: Create data-driven signatures for relevant events and search for similar events in the data

    Collaborate: Share experts’ insights with the other experts and stakeholders in the organization for joint-analysis and troubleshooting. Collaborate with data-scientists to build machine learning applications with expert knowledge.

    Operationalize: Operationalize experts’ insights as real-time machine learning applications including smart alarms, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and optimization.

    Scale-up: With MultiViz, go from a machine learning based PoC to a scaled-up industrial AI solution in a matter of months.

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