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Viking Analytics introduces the new look of MultiViz: a self-service advanced analytics solution for heavy industrial companies

Viking Analytics, a Swedish provider of advanced analytics solution for predictive operations and process manufacturing data, presented today the new user interface of the MultiViz software, an easy-to-use analysis solution that enables plant managers, condition monitoring, reliability and process experts to automatically learn from data, detect patterns, and make faster decisions. MultiViz leverages data science


MultiViz: Self-Service Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing Data

The industrial world is witnessing an unprecedented explosion in sensor data volumes, velocity and variety. The chemical industry, oil and gas industry, manufacturing industry among many others are piling on production data from hundreds and thousands of sensors installed on their assets and processes. Adding to this data deluge, machine manufacturers are embedding sensors into their


Software is Eating the Heavy Industries

The industrial world has witnessed three paradigm transformations: mechanization of manufacturing in the 18th century; mass production and assembly lines due to electricity in the 19th century; automation systems due to advances in electronics and computing in the 20th century. Today, we are at the cusp of the 4th paradigm shift. This shift, referred to