AI Vibration Condition Monitoring as a Subscription
Buy or lease a complete condition monitoring solution
Vibration Sensor
1 GB
Data Storage
Traditional Vibration Analysis Features
MultiViz Vibration
AI Analytics

How it works

We take care of vibration sensors, data storage and analytics, and tell you which machines need attention. Maintenance teams can focus on detecting and preventing machine breakdown and doing root cause analysis.

1. Contact and
sensor selection

We discuss together the best wireless vibration sensor for your needs.

2. Delivery and installation

We ship the sensors to be installed in your machines.

3. From data
to prevention

With the monthly subscription you get reports on machine behavior to detect and prevent asset failure.

4. Customize for
your needs

MultiViz Vibration works for all machines and with different vibration sensors, so you can have your own condition monitoring center.

The MultiViz Way: AI-Enhanced Experts

MultiViz Vibration automatically detects unseen or pre-failure operational modes for any machine or process.

Our AI suggests the most relevant timestamps in each mode for analysis.

Vibration experts drive the detailed diagnostics based on our suggestions and provide recommendations.

Expert labels the timestamp and feedbacks the AI. The same vibration pattern will be automatically identified.

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