October 2020 – Viking Analytics

The new MultiViz is here!

When we founded Viking Analytics in 2017, our mission since day one has been to put manufacturing data – and all its possibilities – in the hands of professionals that know the most about the production lines, the processes, the machines. Our self-service data analytics software, MultiViz, became the embodiment of this mission. Three years


Viking Analytics joins the IBM Accelerator Program

Viking Analytics is very proud to join the IBM Accelerator Program Sweden. In the next months, we will work together to integrate and establish a sales partner program to MultiViz through IBM Ecosystem and RedHat marketplace. “This is a major step for Viking Analytics, as it relates directly to our scalability and attests to the


In the media: Ensuring a solid base for predictive operations and condition monitoring

Digital manufacturing is forecasted to bring out massive changes to the industrial world. Today, regardless of the maturity level of digitization projects in each company, the main motivation is staying competitive, boosting revenues, and enhancing profits, while reducing costs and being agile. There are several ways through which an industry can engage in Industry 4.0,