Viking Analytics joins the IBM Accelerator Program

Viking Analytics is very proud to join the IBM Accelerator Program Sweden. In the next months, we will work together to integrate and establish a sales partner program to MultiViz through IBM Ecosystem and RedHat marketplace.

“This is a major step for Viking Analytics, as it relates directly to our scalability and attests to the scale and value of the pain being solved by our flagship product, MultiViz,” explains Rajet Krishnan, CTO and co-founder. “Having the support of IBM highlights our potential to change the competitive landscape of the smart manufacturing market,” he adds.

From the software perspective, Johan Isaksson, Product Manager and co-founder, believes integrating MultiViz to Redhat Openshift and IBM public cloud will enable companies to have an easy and scalable access to smart manufacturing applications. “Either on-premises or in the cloud, companies will be able to deploy applications like those for vibration sensors, valves, and much more in a simple way,” he finalizes.

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About The Author

Founded in 2017, Viking Analytics enables the digital transformation of industrial companies by bringing together people, data, insights, and value. With our software MultiViz, users can quickly prepare, analyze, and process large sensor data without being a data scientist. We also empower organizations to capture expert knowledge and build scalable and reliable smart manufacturing applications including optimization, predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and digital AI operators.