Viking Analytics wins ABB Electrification Virtual Startup Challenge

Viking Analytics was selected the winner of ABB Electrification Virtual Startup Challenge in the Distribution Solutions category. Fourteen companies from Europe, USA, Canada, Israel and India participated in the challenge.

In the competition, startups were invited to compete in a ten-day challenge, in which they should use digital technologies to create safer, smarter and more sustainable solutions in the electrical energy sector. Viking Analytics used data analytics and machine learning to identify faults and atypical events in the grid.

According to ABB, “the judges were impressed by the company’s analytical approach to recognize operational failures, their hard-work and dedication to demonstrate what they can do best to improve energy management and efficiency.”

For more information, click here to read the press release by ABB.

About The Author

Founded in 2017, Viking Analytics enables the digital transformation of industrial companies by bringing together people, data, insights, and value. With our software MultiViz, users can quickly prepare, analyze, and process large sensor data without being a data scientist. We also empower organizations to capture expert knowledge and build scalable and reliable smart manufacturing applications including optimization, predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and digital AI operators.